Minister Vandeth Chea Participates in the TRC Leadership Transfer Ceremony

Phnom Penh, 26 November 2020, Minister of Post and Telecommunications Vandeth Chea participated in the leadership transfer ceremony of Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) held at the TRC premises. Present at the ceremony were MPTC leadership, TRC leadership and officials.

Secretary of State Chakrya Moa highlighted some of TRC’s past achievements, particularly the modernization of equipment, increasing effectiveness of the telecommunications and ICT infrastructure, and crime prevention. TRC has also provided capacity building and livelihood support programs for officials and employees as a way to promote team spirit.

Speaking at the ceremony, H.E. Chenda Thong, the newly appointed chairman of TRC, expressed gratitude towards the government and Minister Chea for placing trust and confidence in his ability to lead TRC. Chairman Thong also took the opportunity to commend Secretary Moa for his leadership of TRC, bringing about noticeable development of the telecoms sector. Under the new administration, Chairman Thong stated his commitment to implementing restructuring policies to the highest standards, in line with Minister Chea’s steadfast, strategic leadership and government policies in advancing the quality and effectiveness of the sector and ensuring fair competition among telecoms operators.

On this occasion, Minister Chea praised Secretary Moa for his past contribution to the sector and TRC. However, H.E. Minister stated that there remained key and urgent tasks for Chairman Thong to focus on to enforce the regulations, license regime management and revenue mobilization.

In addition, Minister Chea urged Chairman Thong to draft relevant laws and regulations to guarantee fair business practice, consumer protection, and reliable telecoms services and equipment. H.E. Minister also advised TRC to improve their administrative process in carrying out duties, strengthening human capital and fostering technical capability.

In his closing remarks, Minister Chea once again expressed his confidence in the leadership and energy of Chairman Thong and thanked MPTC and TRC leaderships, officials, and employees for their contribution to TRC’s missions and goals as well as to the public good.

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