Signing ceremony on establishing bond between Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and Sopheaknika Group with the brigade No.41

On the 19th of March 2014, H.E. Prak Sokhonn witnessed the signing of an agreement to establish bonding between MPTC and SopheakNika group  with the brigade No.41. 

During this event H.E. Deputy General Neang Khim has reported about the current operation of brigade No.41 and the key challenges that they faced on a daily basis. He mentioned that currently situation at the boarder of Cambodia-Thailand seems to be safe and secure however we cannot let our guard down. Our militants continue to standby and guard the border with care all around the clock in order to provide safety and security of our people and to protect our sovereignty. Therefore we must make sure that all rations and all other supply are readily available for our militants' operation. 

During this visit H.E. Minister have relay heartwarming message from Samdech Prime Minister and Samdech Kittiprittbandit Bun Rany Hun Sen to our standing militants and their family members. He mentioned that not for once that the people starting to forget the hard work and dedication that our military men who stand at the fore front of the battle field and sacrifice their lives to serve and protect the people of our nation. We understand the hardship that our militants and families have to go through and therefore we would like to continue to provide emotional as well as financial support whenever possible to help with the daily activities of our militants and families. During the past, we have gathered funds and donations from kind donors such as Sopheaknika Group and all other operators within this sector to provide support for our militants and we will continue to do so in the future.

To conclude this event H.E. Minister and H.E. Mok KimHong, CEO of SopheakNika group presented some donations to the brigarde No. 41 that include some financial support, 03 tons of iron, 20 tons of cements, 7 tons of rice, 500 boxes of noodles and many other rations. 

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