Primary Training session on Budget Planning

The training session commenced on the 01st of April 2014 and end on the 02nd of April 2014 which focused on provide training to all officials under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on primary budget planning and integration of contents and budget implementation.
During this training session H.E. Liv Kimheng, director general of administration department have stressed that during this fifth mandate the government is highly focusing on improving human resource and development aiming to compete at market standard more especially in the area of social financial management that meet with the government's strategic budget plan and in accordance with the international standard.
H.E. Sarak Khann, secretary of states of MPTC has given high evaluation for this training. He saids that it is important that we must link our financial budget planning to the national strategic budget plan and further more we should focus on the structure of financial statements, reference to budgeting programs, pricing expenditure, expenditure evaluation, and report and evaluation system that can be used in each departments not only for implementation of projects but also for future forecast and project planning. Furthermore, this training session will provide more in depth understanding of some crucial points of preparation of financial budgeting and implementation. The budget forecast and planning and reassessing departmental financial recording should aim to provide better reporting system to top management and planning so that they can have a stronger foundation to base their future projects and resource planning.

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