Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in Cooperation with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Conducted the Second Workshop on Khmer Script Root Zone LGR.

Phnom Penh, MPTC Head Office, February 16, 2016: MPTC in cooperation with ICANN,  MPTC conducted the second workshop on Khmer Script Root Zone LGR under the presidency of H.E. Dr. Seng​ Sopheap, Chairman of National Institute of Posts, Telecommunication Information Communication and Technology (NIPTICT).

The workshop was participated by Khmer language experts, Khmer experts in Unicode, researchers, and policy makers on Information and Communication Technology, Cambodian Internet Addresses Registration Managers, and speaker Dr. Sarmad Hussain, Internationalized Domain Name Field Manager of ICANN.
H.E. Dr. Seng Sopheap has elaborated on benefit of Khmer Addresses on Internet:

1. Improve Khmer language usage to comprehensively expand the news coverage and other knowledge on Internet to Cambodian people who don’t know foreign languages, rural areas in particular.
2. There is Khmer address on Internet with International Standard. Example: ​
(​http://AngKorwat.Khmer) .
3. Urge and encourage institutions to use the Khmer addresses on Internet.
4. Provide diversities for selection on Internet Addresses.
5. Provide opportunities for other services on Internet such as e-commerce.

Mr. Sun Rapith, director of research and development center, added that the project spent 9 months to compile Measurement of Internet addresses in Khmer, reached the final step which was the leading project in ASEAN region and will be sent to ICANN for official approval.
Then, website developers and Internet users may suggest for the usage on Internet address in Khmer.

Note: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (ICANN) is a Nonprofit – Organization responsible for coordination of maintenances and methods of many database of unique note relevant to namespace of Internet and ensure media safety and safety operation.

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