Discussion on MPTC’s Disaster Risk Reduction Planning

Phnom Penh, 13 July 2020, Secretary of State and Chairman of MPTC’s Secretariat of Disaster Management, Vandy Ek, chaired a discussion on disaster risk reduction planning to prepare inputs for the draft national disaster management plan 2019-2023 of the National Disaster Management Committee. Members of the Secretariat were present at the discussion.

As a result, the discussion agreed on a chart of MPTC’s disaster risk reduction plans as inputs for the draft national disaster management plan 2019-2023. Some of the key action items include the following:
– Continue sustainability of internet service and e-government services and maintain the Data Management Center.
– Continue sustainability of national video conference system.
– Create hotlines for emergencies and disasters for relevant sectors, including healthcare, social security, human trafficking, ministry’s tasks, road traffic and corruption.
– Prepare memorandums of understanding on cooperation between telecoms and ICT operators and Telecom Cambodia.
– Set up smart and robust telecoms infrastructure for disaster response.
– Create radio frequency plan to response and reduce disaster risks and to comply with International Telecommunication Union standards.
– Prevent and minimize risks for post service caused by flood, forest fire, hurricane, storm and earthquake.
– Prevent and minimize risk for postal service caused by drug trafficking and terrorism.

-Photo by Semtararath Pot
-Article by Tito Sor
-Translation into English by Sokthearin Than

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