Meeting on Draft Prakas on Postal Service Business Permit Provision

Phnom Penh, 05 August 2020, secretary of state Vandy Ek chaired a discussion on a draft prakas on postal service business permit provision. Present at the meeting were senior officials and officials of the working group.

The discussion objectives were to ensure quality domestic and international postal services and to promote the expansion, efficiency, effectiveness and trustworthiness of postal service providers. The goal was also to enhance fair market competition, contribute to economic growth and government revenue and meet the needs of the general public. Additional objectives include the following:
-Conditions and procedures for the application, rejection, transfer, modification, extension, suspension and revocation of licenses, certificates and permits of postal service businesses operating both inside and outside of Cambodia.
-Inspection mechanisms and monitoring measures on license, certificate and permit compliances of postal service operators.

Meeting participants also shared their experiences regarding past management processes and discussed in detail on the meeting agenda items to set a foundation of the prakas.

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