H.E Minister Prak Sokhonn and members of the government working group for Saang district conducted Government Public Stage at Prek Koiy Commune, Saang District, Kandal Province.

Kandal Province, 12 Feb 2015 – H.E  Minister Prak Sokhonn and the working group for Saang district conducted public hearing at Thun Mun Pagoda, Preak Koiy commune, Saang district in Kandal province under the topic of “The implementation of government’s rectangular strategies, provision of public services and other issues associated with the livelihood of people within the community”. There were 500 people that turn up to this event which include people from Preak Koiy commune and Teuk Vill commune in Saang district, Kandal province.

To commence this event, the chief of Saang district presented a summary report of the activities and achievements during 2014 that include economic and social performance, land and natural resources management, safety and security standards. On the other hand the chief have reported that there are a number of challenges that the district have to address during this past year and they will continue to work very hard in providing a sound solution to unresolved problems. Some of the challenges that the district faced include: insufficient documentation for provision of public service, environmental issue, illegal fishing, gambling, drug addiction, and a number of other challenges.

After a number of speakers that took to the stage to applaud on the performance of our local authority and further relay a number of unresolved issues, H.E  Minister Prak Sokhonn have took to the stage to address his message to the people.
In his speech, H.E  Minister Prak Sokhonn expressed how delighted he is to have a chance to meet with the people of Teuk Vill and Preak Koiy communes. He further emphasized that this event was created with the intention to meet with the people and to get to know about the daily activities of the people in these communes, as well as the difficulties and challenges that people in the communities faced in their daily activities. The government working group will listen to these problems and carry out to the member of the government in order to find appropriate solutions to address these challenges.       

Some of the issues that were brought to the stage, H.E  Prak Sokhonn and the government working group were able to provide answers and guidance on how to resolve these issues such as:

  • The request to fix the road from Prek Ta Bobb to Chamm village
  • Lack of irrigation system that would provide the mean for farmers during dry season
  • Ongoing disputes at the fish market
  • Fixing of old community shed that belong to the Monty of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries to avoid unforeseeable accident
  • Land dispute between members of the community.

 For some of the issues that cannot resolve directly, H.E Minister has promised to continue to work with associating parties to find reasonable solutions that are acceptable for all. As for private disputes, H.E  Minister advised that the people involved in the dispute should continue to negotiate peacefully and find a reasonable solution that’s acceptable to all parties. He highlighted that we must abide by the regulation and law that govern this country and therefore make sure that the solution will not be illegal or come out in hostility to one another.

To conclude his speech H.E  Minister Prak Sokhonn have announced to the community that he will start scholarship program that will help bright students and students with financial difficulties to get further educated.

Finally H.E  Minister expressed his appreciation to members of the communities that took the time out of their busy schedule to attend this public event. He also expressed his heart felt appreciation to the local authority that have been working very hard in providing public services to the people within the communities and he further encouraged them to continue to serve the public in a fair and effective manner, especially when it comes to public services. 
H.E  Minister Prak Sokhonn and members of the government working group concluded the day by paying respect to the monks at Thun Mun Pagoda along with some donations and gifts. 

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