Minister Vandeth Chea Held Meet-and-Greet Session with Newly Tenured Officials

Phnom Penh, 15 May 2020, Minister Vandeth Chea along with the senior officials and officials of MPTC met with the 31 newly tenured officials of the 2019 batch.

The Minister stated that their new roles within the Ministry would provide opportunities for personal growth and advancement as well as contribution to the country’s development. Moreover, the Minister encouraged the new officials to fulfill their duties wholeheartedly for the ministry and nation while staying moral and curious. On this occasion, the Minister requested that the new officials provide their education backgrounds, employment experiences and areas of interest, so that they could be assigned to roles that best fit them. Lastly, the Minister indicated his plan to provide after-hours training programs to existing ministry officials within the year.

Please be advised that the Minister has proposed a “Young Tech Experts” program to recruit young IT enthusiasts with strong education background to ensure the Ministry become up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. Their contribution will be beneficial to the public, private and education sectors, allowing Cambodia to remain on track of the fourth industrial revolution.

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