H.E. Minister Prak Sokhonn meets with the government officials of MPTC on the 17th October 2013

On the 17th of October 2013, Minister of MPTC have conduct a meeting with all government officials under the ministry of posts and telecommunications that focusing on improving work skills of our officials in order to promote effectiveness in accordance to the social development.
The minister has pin pointed two important points after report on work performance have been delivered, that is, we must improve telecommunication services and promote postal sector. He further added that some of the important targets and activities that we must achieved in order to increase development both telecommunications and postal sectors are to improve performance in terms of effectiveness, speed and quality of our services, promote expansion of services and infrastructure to rural and remote areas, and be prepared for regional integration. Most importantly in postal sector, we have undergone the reform of management system in order to continue development of social services and commercial services through to provincial and commuted areas.
H.E. Minister have delivered outgoing message to all government officials, officers and staffs of MPTC to improve work performance by improve internal cooperation among officers and peers as well as associating institutes/partners. More especially, we must abide by the working standards, rules and regulations and uphold the utmost respects for the guiding principles that were set out by the government. 

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